Financial Freedom – The Key to a Happy Marriage

I am proud to say that we are debt free.  Having the financial freedom is definitely one of the keys to our happy marriage.  We never have to worry about paying off student loans, car loans, or credit card debts ever again.  That didn’t come that easy for us but if I could do it, so could you!

After graduating from college, I moved to Atlanta GA for my first job with absolutely no money in hand.  I had to get an apartment and in my mind, I was sure that I NEEDED to furnish my entire apartment with a nice leather couch and a 6-piece bedroom set.  How was I able to purchase all that with no money, you ask?  CREDIT CARDS…I still remember having about 5 different credit cards in my wallet at all time and all of them were almost up to the maximum limits.  I started earning pretty good money with my consulting job.  Then of course the next thing I did was get a new car.  So there I was, purchasing the first car with my own money.  I was so proud.  But wait…! I didn’t really own the car and it wasn’t my money that I used to purchase the car with.  I borrowed it from a bank…so on top of the student loans and the credit card debts that I was paying minimum payments on, now I had a car loan.  I felt very normal.  Those are the kind of debts that everyone has, I thought.  Little did I know I was living paycheck to paycheck even though I was making decent money and should have had a lot of money leftover each month.  When I came to that realization, I began to hate debts.

My sister introduced me to the The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness book by Dave Ramsey.  This book completely CHANGED MY LIFE.  It gave me the motivation and determination I needed to get out of debts.  I started changing my lifestyle and following the 7 baby steps listed in the book.  I used the debt snowball method to begin getting rid of the smaller debts first before the bigger ones.  I learned how to budget my spending so that it would give me the freedom to spend on things I like and know exactly where my money is going at all time.  I also introduced this book to my best friend, my coworkers, and of course my husband.  My husband was completely onboard and together we were working towards one common goal of being in better control of our money and becoming debt free.  We are now debt free and loving the debt free life to the fullest.  If there is one book out there that I would recommend to everyone, it would be this book.  Even though this book mentions many biblical principles of money and wealth, its core teaching is about how to get out of debts and how to control and manage money successfully.  This book applies to everyone regardless of his or her religion.  I am truly a Dave Ramsey advocate and this man has changed my life.

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