Be the Greatest YOU

I’m free to be the greatest, I’m alive
I’m free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest
The greatest, the greatest alive
The greatest, the greatest alive 

-“The Greatest” by Sia Furler, Greg Kurstin, Kendrick Duckworth

If you haven’t listened to the song “The Greatest” by Sia, you should!  I was lucky enough to have seen this performance live earlier this month.  Sia is a gifted song writer and singer and this particular song is such a powerful work of art.  It elicits many strong emotions in me.  First and foremost, the hidden meaning of the song is about commemorating the Pulse club shooting victims.  I have friends and family members that are gay and I love them dearly.  So this song hits me in the deepest place.  The song also has a larger message that applies to all of us.  It is about overcoming fears and difficulties in life.  It is about you being true to yourself and being the best that you can be.  So what if you have another mountain to climb? So what if you have another fire to put out?  Face it straight on because YOU can!


I admire people that embrace their differences, put aside the social standards and judgements, and stay true to themselves.  When I was little, all I was trying to do was to fit in, and to be as “Americanized” as possible.  I was trying very hard to forget the fact that I was one of the only two Asians in my school.  The other one was my sister.  Now thinking back, it was just so silly.  Don’t let the social standards shape who you are.  You can only live freely if you are true to yourself.  Don’t be afraid to stand out!  Live with your own values!  Be your own self!

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