Have an Attitude of Gratitude


Today is a good day.  In fact, I know that everyday is a good day.  Some will be better than others.  But I will not allow something bad that happens for five minutes or even a few hours in a day to ruin my entire day.  How can I say that with such certainty?  Because I carry with me an attitude of gratitude.  It is a habit that we most often forget, but when we practice it, it brings us so much joy and happiness.  Attitudes are behaviors and reactions that we have based on our perspectives on different situations.  Attitudes can either be positive or negative.  So why not have a positive attitude about things?  When we humble ourselves and have a sense of gratitude, we can actually transform a difficult situation into a much better one.

It is not easy to always remember to be grateful for the things we have in life, so just write them down.  Make a list and use it as a reminder to yourself when difficult challenges arise.

I anticipate a very good Thanksgiving this year, and in honor of the holiday, here is my gratitude list:

  • I am thankful for my loving husband.  He has been nothing but amazing.  He takes great care of me.  I love him more and more everyday.  I am also thankful that he never complains when he takes out the trash or has to get up early to take care of our little Leo so that I can sleep some more.  I am thankful that on the days I am busy and stressed, my husband would stop somewhere and get me food on his way home from work.
  • I am thankful for my best friend.  She is my partner in crime and my eating buddy.  She is always there for me whenever I need help.  She has been putting up with me for almost 10 years.
  • I am thankful for my family.  I know that I will always have their love and support in everything I do.
  • I am thankful for my in laws.  They have welcomed me with open arms from day one.
  • I am thankful for Leo and Chloe.  Their silliness brings me so much joy.
  • I am thankful for my job.  I face difficult challenges at work everyday and they have help sharpen my skills as a consultant.
  • I am thankful for my coworkers.  They help me grow and make my work life more interesting and fun everyday.
  • I am thankful that I am alive, that I can smell the fresh air, that I can see the beautiful sky, that I can taste good food, and that I can listen to music.
  • I am thankful that I have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a car to drive, and a house to live in.

And the list goes on…. 🙂

An Aromatic Fall Morning

Waking up on a Monday morning is always a struggle
When all I really want to do is just lay in bed and snuggle

But I got a long list of tasks to complete
Before I go on my Thanksgivings holiday retreat

The sun has decided to show up
I guess it is also time for me to get up
Instead of whining and dreading the day
I have made my decision to make it a great day!

What is there to complain about
When I have so much to be thankful for
Life is beautiful, that I have no doubt
I could smell the aromatic fall the minute I opened my door

Fall is my favorite season
The colorful trees are one of the reasons
It makes me feel good just to be alive
Bring on the hard work because I am ready to thrive!

The Art of Simple Happiness


This is Leo, my dear baby boy.  We got him when he was only six weeks old.  And now, he is almost four.  He has brought me and my husband so much joy and has taught us how to be responsible and loving.  But the most important thing that he has taught me was that happiness is easy to find.  Leo gets happy when he knows that we are home.  He gets happy when we give him water and treats.  He gets happy when we play with him.  He is always happy in the present.  He is home alone most of the day when we are at work but he never holds it against us.  His happiness comes from his love for us.  It does not have any conditions.  It is simple.

As humans, it seems as if we always work towards happiness, always strive to obtain the ultimate goal of being happy.  Our happiness is often dependent on other conditions. It is either “I’ll be happy if I get a promotion”, “I’ll be happy if I win this game”, “I’ll be happy if I buy this car or this big house”, or “I’ll be happy if this person loves me back”.  Happiness should come from within.  It shouldn’t be complicated and it definitely shouldn’t be dependent upon external factors or conditions.  It should be present – the moment of NOW.  It shouldn’t be about the past or the future.  It should be about you, about who you are now, and about what you are doing.  So let’s go and capture your happiness!

  1. Don’t dwell on the past.  Be present, be here and now.
  2. Appreciate the little things in life.
  3. Focus on doing what you love.
  4. Focus on spending time with the people you love.
  5. Love yourself.
  6. Get rid of expectations that you cannot control.
  7. Accept life and people as they are.
  8. Be compassionate to others.
  9. Smile intentionally.
  10. Most importantly, keep life simple and remember that happiness is a choice!

Failure is a Good Thing

img_5619Have you ever felt so defeated by a failure that you would never want to try again?  Are you scared to go out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams because you are afraid of failures?  It is all about PERSPECTIVES.

I always knew that I wanted a business of my own.  So two years ago, I started lqboutique.com without hesitation while still working full time as a senior consultant.  The business was up and running within a month.  I started it without knowing anything about how to operate a business successfully.  I just started it because I had a strong passion for it.  I got merchandise from multiple different wholesalers and my website was selling everything from book bags to diaper bags to laptop bags to lunch bags and duffel bags.  Needless to say, after launching the site, I did nothing else to maintain it.  It became harder for me to keep up due to my heavy travel schedule for my full time job.  So eventually, I had to shut it down.  It was heart breaking since it was something that gave me a lot of joy and happiness.  It also hurt my ego because I had failed.  However, I learned to be proud of what I had done instead.  I switched my perspective from looking at the shut down business as a failure to being very proud that I started a business.  Plus, I did not lose any money on the business so I consider it a success :).  And if you ask me what I want to do next, I won’t hesitate to tell you that I will open my own business one day.  My short business venture has taught me so much about how to become an entrepreneur and I just cannot wait to work on my next big thing!

So have a positive look on failure!  As Zig Ziglar said “It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts”.  Failure is a good thing.  Failure is our greatest teacher.  Let’s not allow the fear of failure to stop us from becoming the best version of ourselves!